Domir Fonyl

Half-Orc Barbarian


Name: Cerric Wildwood
Race: Half Orc
Gender: Male
Age: 22 Years Old
Class: Barbarian
Homeland: Nomad


What was your childhood like?
Domir was born to an orc father and human mother, captured in raids in human farmlands.
Due to being a half blood, he was never fully accepted into his fathers tribe.
He was treated with contempt and never allowed to join the great hunts. Wanting to be accepted, he fought to prove his strength in battle, both among his fathers tribe and outside of it. He was eventually accepted into a wild battle group, who were known to not fear death. This is where he learned to harness his orcish bloodline to overpower enemies.

What lead you to be an adventurer?
While never being accepted as a true orc, he was loyal to his tribe. In an attack on his clan by another orc tribe, his father was killed in battle. The only link to his heritage was gone, and the tribe abandoned him as an outsider. He still wishes to prove himself to his tribe, and has decided that he must bring something back to prove his worthiness.

How do you interact with your people, or native culture, and others outside of it?
I an friendly to orcs of my father tribe, but do not trust them. Outsiders I will act civil with, but only as far as I am benefiting or they are providing me with something I need. I will venture into cities, but will try to cover my features with a cloak and hood. He often is hired as a mercenary due to his size and strength.

Are you a member of any guilds, orders, religions, or other groups?

Domir Fonyl

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