D&D 5th Edition

May 30th - After Game Report

May 30th After Game Report

-Thurl Merosska, grand master of the Feather Gale Knights, has escaped via jumping from the Spire and being rescued mid-fall by an unknown flying beast. Last seen flying across the valley to parts unknown.

-A mysterious letter found in the grand master’s desk mentions a successful capture of the delegation members, and a victory over the Black Earth cult of the Sacred Stone Monastery.

-Spaffy the Cleric has left the party to take over the FeatherGale Spire. A messenger has been sent to Orc captains Bartok and Grom to order the orc tribe to resettle at the Spire.

-A new adventurer, Keegan’s Monk (can’t remember the name) has joined the party. He has already displayed his fearsome might by punching several Feather Gale knights to pulp, and his love of drink (especially sake).

-The party traveled to the Sacred Stone Monastery to inquire on why the Feather Gale knights mentioned them in the letter. Brother Qarbo took the party aside to discuss the issue in the rock gardens outside the monastery. He spoke of a failed retaliation against the Feather Gale knights by his order’s initiates, and provided instructions on how to reach their lair across the valley, opposite the spire.

-The party agreed to assist Brother Qarbo, and acquired 50 ft of rope and 2 kegs of ale before setting out.

-At the Temple of Elemental Air, the party disguised themselves as part of a bardic troupe about to perform for Airisee, the queen and prophet of elemental air. With cunning and daring action, the party defeated Airisee and her knights, but the queen herself escaped into the depths below the temple….

XP Earned

+1500 XP for defeating Airisee (defeated for now….) and her cult.
+250 XP for disguising as part of the bardic troupe to sneak into the cult
+150 XP for investigating and speaking with Brother Qarbo of the Sacred Stone Monastery

Total XP gained = 1900 XP

Loot Earned

-50 ft of rope
-2 kegs of ale
- a +1 Longsword
- a +1 scalemail suit of armor


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