The Order of the Burning Hand

The Order of the Burning Hand

When the Empire was young it fought many enemies, one of the deadliest being the barbarous humans of the North, the Skalduri. Worshipers of dark gods and horrid daemons, they poured from the Northern mountains to pillage the imperial city of Isador and slay its people.

Loyal Arcadians, both high and low born, answered the call to defend the Northern provinces. One such man was Artemio Marzus, a young and penniless hedge knight with no lord to serve.

The Imperial army mustered and marched North. They soon encountered a large warband of Skalduri raiders outside the city of Isador. Battle was joined and the raiders were soon routed.
The Imperial army confident in its victory, made camp outside the city walls.

In the darkness of night the blaring of war horns and the pounding of drums awakened the soldiers to a frightful sight. Thousands of Skalduri warriors, far more than the previous day, surrounded them. Fear and panic spread as the Empire’s troops tried to retreat to safety behind Isador’s city walls.

The Skalduri tried to cut off their escape, blocking the causeways leading to the city gates. Here Artemio encountered a great champion of the Skalduri. This towering man of great strength in dark armor bellowed his challenge to the hedge knight. The duel was fierce and bloody and Artemio’s sword was shattered by the dark champion’s hammer. Sensing his doom, Artemio prayed to Tiberius, the god of Justice and light, for aid. His right gauntlet burst into a wreath of flame, that glowed with holy light. With a great roar the hedge knight struck his enemy again and again with his gauntlet of fire. He beat his enemy to the earth and crushed in his skull with mighty blows.

The Imperial soldiers were inspired by this great deed and turned to face their foes. With zeal and fury they cut down the Skalduri and drove them from the field.

Artemio went on to found the Order of the Burning Hand. For hundreds of years the order’s knights and Paladins have fought to defend the Empire from many foes. They bring the light of hope to the disheartened, and rally them to victory.

Founding: Venerable
The order was created in the days of the Empire’s youth. They are a respected and well established order.

Religious Affiliation: Tiberius
The order is devoted to Tiberius, god of justice and light.

Colors or Coat of Arms
A red field with a gray steel gauntlet, clenched in a fist, wreathed in yellow flames.

“Through Faith, I wield the Light. Through the Light, I bring Hope. Though Hope, I gain Victory.”

-Go forth and bring the Light to all who walk in Darkness. Spread the faith of Tiberius.
-Give aid and mercy to the poor, the sick, and the down trodden.
-Protect the innocent and the weak, defend thy Empire and its people.

Military Might: Strong
Over 500 knights wear the livery and colors of the Burning Hand. A thousand Order serfs and men at arms can be called upon in times of need.

Locations: Numerous, wide spread
The chapter houses of the order are spread about the Empire. Most are small but well fortified with a few hundred men as garrison.


The Order of the Burning Hand

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