The Circle

The Circle are an ancient order who follow and protect the ways of the Old Faith.

Only powerful individuals become members of The Circle, common folk who still practice the Old Faith are not counted among their number.
Most Wood Elven nobility and warriors are initiated as members, and the leaders of the Circle have often been Elven royalty, although that is not always the case.

Originally started by the ancient elven societies within the Arcadian forests, certain humans with good relations to elves have become members.

Founding: Ancient – started by the first elven societies of Arcadia.

Religious Affiliation: Old Faith

Colors or Coat of Arms: A circular wreath of green leaves upon a red or green field.

-Defend the Old Faith and its sacred sites
-Defend the Elven realms who follow the Old Faith

Military Might: Formidable
-can call upon the Elven kingdoms and all their available might

-Elven woodland kingdoms
-any holy site (groves, standing stones, etc) sacred to the Old Faith and Elvenkind

The Circle

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