The Arcadian Brotherhood

The Arcadian Brotherhood

Based in the Arcadian docks district, this simple band of thieves has grown to become a strong faction within the city walls. Starting with a single pawn shop as their front, the guild now owns several other buildings and strong houses throughout the city.

The Brotherhood has their fingers in a number of illegal and legal activities, including burglary, protection racketeering, brokerage, fencing, appraisal, and even the renting of their thieves for tomb robbing.

They take their business, and their word, very seriously. Guild members are not allowed to kill while on a job, seeing such as acts as careless and drawing unnecessary attention to the guild. Members are expected to live up to the code of Honor Among Thieves, and those who betray their fellows or give up guild secrets end up losing a hand or their tongues.

Founding: Old
-the Brotherhood was first founded about 200 years ago.

Religious Affiliation: Varied
-the guild does not officially follow any deity and guild members are permitted to follow any of their choosing. Many members pray to one of the various deities of thieves, and its not uncommon to see them make small donations from their gains at the temples of Omerta, the Arcadian god of thieves.

Colors or Coat of Arms: A gloved hand grasping a gold or silver coin.

-Follow the code of “Honor Among Thieves”
—Whoever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward.
—Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that law is both.
—Whoever acts in a manner that brings the law upon his own head and or his guild is a fool and coward thrice damned.

Strength: Strong
-the guild includes hundreds among its members, although not all a full-fledged thieves. Many more are informants, contacts, or foot pads.

Locations: Many
-primarily located in the capitol city of Arcadia, most of their safe houses reside within.
-however the guild is trying to branch out to other markets, and small bands of members are starting safe houses in other cities of the Arcadian Empire.

The Arcadian Brotherhood

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