D&D 5th Edition

March 2016 - After Action Report

> 750 XP total to all players, excellent role play by all

-The party had recently defeated the Prophetess of Elemental Air, Aerisi, and her cult of Howling Winds.

-After returning to the town of Red Larch, the party paid a visit to the Swinging Sword Inn. Within, they found Sir Roland and his men-at-arms recuperating from their captivity. A messenger has been sent along the King’s Road to warn the Arcadian Empire of this new threat, but it will take many weeks before help can arrive.

Hendrik, the dwarven scholar rescued from the air cult dungeons, was also there. He shared his knowledge with the party:

-The ancient dwarven kingdom of Belsimer once ruled these lands. It was prosperous, until it began a devastating conflict with a Drow kingdom from the under dark below, that destroyed both nations.

-There are three other cults remaining, Fire, Earth, and Water.

-The monks of the Earth Father monastery are revealed to be the Earth cultists that participated in the attack on the delegation from the city of Yarter.

The party purchased new equipment in town, notably new armor and weapons. The Orc barbarian, Dormir, ordered 2 sets of manacles with 2 iron locks, to what purpose is unknown.

Petyr the halfling successfully crafted 3 doses of poison from the Blood Roses found earlier. Each will paralyze a target for 1 minute if they fail a DC CON test of 16.
The poison must be delivered to the blood stream in order to have any effect.

The two healing mushrooms have been crafted into a potent healing potion > 3D6+2

The six red mushrooms are commonly known as “Red Caps” from their bright color. Uncommonly known is that they can become a dangerous hallucinogenic when combined with the purple mushrooms found in the under dark . The combined ingredients must be eaten and absorbed into the body in order for the effects to occur.

DC CON 18 – Ingested – one test every hour for the next 4 hours after digestion. Should the target fail, he will act wildly and incoherently due to vivid hallucinations. Victims have been known to commit bizarre acts such as running off rooftops in attempts to fly, lash out at anyone nearby in extreme paranoia, and other odd behaviors.

The party paid another visit to the monks of the Earth Father. Maintaining a guise of ignorance to their true nature, the party celebrated with Brother Qarbo on the recent victory over the air cultists.
Seeing further use of the party, Qarbo asked if they could remove the troublesome, “river pirates” plaguing the area from the nearby keep of Rivergard.
The party played along and took this opportunity to strike at the potential threat, travelling to the keep.

With careful scouting, the party secretly infiltrated the keep, and set fire to the docked ship within the docks. The river pirates are rushing to put out the fire and save their ship, whilst the party has armed and prepared themselves for the coming conflict….

23 January 2016 After Action Report

Long time since we last gamed.

Warren’s brother, Jay, joined the party. Attended via Skype. Warren setup the webcam so that Jay could see the game board via hanging it from the ceiling via coat hanger. Very inventive.

Attending Players
-Rob (Returning)
-Jay (New)

Adventure Summary:

-Ser Roland and his knights were freed from the prison cells of the Air cult. They are now riding to Red Larch to resupply and recuperate.

-the party found Jay’s character (Domir) within the prison cells. He quickly joined the party and proved his worth in the following combat.

-The party met the dwarven scholar, Hendrik, who also was found in the cells. He explained that he was a member of the diplomatic party from Yartor and was captured by the cultists. They wanted to use his extensive knowledge of dwarven history and research to aid their search for an unknown goal. Hendrik is traveling with Ser Roland to Red Larch, and may be of further use to the party.

-Hendrik believes their goal may be something to do with the Drow temples below the ancient dwarven ruins of Belsimer. They mentioned something about the “Elemental Eye of Evil”.

-Hendrik also mentioned that there are 4 cults in total, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each is dangerous and searching the ruins of the area, led by a prophet wielding ancient elemental weapons.

-the party successfully traversed the secret passage to the caverns below Aerisi’s court. They followed her trail through the caverns to the Elemental Node of Air. Her plans were thwarted and Aerisi was defeated once and for all, the Elemental Node also was destroyed, along with the Elemental Weapon, WindHarrow.

Loot and Total XP:

+3000 XP (added 23 JAN 2016) majority of party leveled to 5 now
+4 golden rings, each worth 1,000 GP
+40 magic arrows, +1
+2 lavender mushrooms, each capable of being used to create a healing potion
+6 red mushrooms, each capable of being brewed into poisons

May 30th - After Game Report

May 30th After Game Report

-Thurl Merosska, grand master of the Feather Gale Knights, has escaped via jumping from the Spire and being rescued mid-fall by an unknown flying beast. Last seen flying across the valley to parts unknown.

-A mysterious letter found in the grand master’s desk mentions a successful capture of the delegation members, and a victory over the Black Earth cult of the Sacred Stone Monastery.

-Spaffy the Cleric has left the party to take over the FeatherGale Spire. A messenger has been sent to Orc captains Bartok and Grom to order the orc tribe to resettle at the Spire.

-A new adventurer, Keegan’s Monk (can’t remember the name) has joined the party. He has already displayed his fearsome might by punching several Feather Gale knights to pulp, and his love of drink (especially sake).

-The party traveled to the Sacred Stone Monastery to inquire on why the Feather Gale knights mentioned them in the letter. Brother Qarbo took the party aside to discuss the issue in the rock gardens outside the monastery. He spoke of a failed retaliation against the Feather Gale knights by his order’s initiates, and provided instructions on how to reach their lair across the valley, opposite the spire.

-The party agreed to assist Brother Qarbo, and acquired 50 ft of rope and 2 kegs of ale before setting out.

-At the Temple of Elemental Air, the party disguised themselves as part of a bardic troupe about to perform for Airisee, the queen and prophet of elemental air. With cunning and daring action, the party defeated Airisee and her knights, but the queen herself escaped into the depths below the temple….

XP Earned

+1500 XP for defeating Airisee (defeated for now….) and her cult.
+250 XP for disguising as part of the bardic troupe to sneak into the cult
+150 XP for investigating and speaking with Brother Qarbo of the Sacred Stone Monastery

Total XP gained = 1900 XP

Loot Earned

-50 ft of rope
-2 kegs of ale
- a +1 Longsword
- a +1 scalemail suit of armor

April After-Game Report

April 18th, 2015

-the character backgrounds you guys posted to the portal are awesome!

+300 XP for defeating the Knights of the FeatherGale Spire in combat
+250 XP all around for great role-playing

+150 XP extra to Keegan for all the laughs. The XP can be applied to his new character if he does decide to roll a new one.

-As a reminder, if you are leveling up your character, don’t forget you can also choose a Feat instead of the “Ability Score Improvement Feature” at certain levels if you want.

-Feats are on page 165 of the Players Handbook.

-The Party encountered Ser Roland and his band of Imperial Knights on their way to investigate the missing delegation from Yartar. He said to meet him at Red Larch but was not present when the party arrived in town…

-Brad (Petr) encountered some Blood Roses upon the road to Red Larch. Beautiful, but with a little known and harmful use.

Blood Rose Posion (Injury)
-A creature subjected to this poison must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 1 minute. The poisoned creature becomes completely paralyzed. The creature can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.
The poison must enter the creature via the blood stream. Digestion neutralizes the poison if it is eaten.

-5 freshly dug graves were found not far from the Sumber Hills, a dwarven artisan, a female warrior of Yartar, 2 humans in stone armor, 1 human in a feathered cloak and birds skull headdress.

-The Party defeated the Knights of the FeatherGale Spire and discovered an incriminating letter upon the chapter master’s desk…

-200 GP for the valuables found in the knight’s chests.
-20 GP for each FeatherGale Knight slain (6)

March XP report

Hello everyone,

the XP total for last months (March) adventure is 980 XP to each player.

If this is enough to bring you up to the next level, take some time to look at your new spells, abilities, powers, etc for April’s game day.

Looking forward to seeing you all ’round the table again soon.

Feb 21, 2015 "Orcish Caves"


-having a Halfling Rogue shoot arrows between your legs at whatever enemies lurk behind the door you just opened, brings new meaning to the terms, “Nut-shot” and “Spread your legs…”

-Josiah slaying an Orc Chieftain in single combat, and becoming the tribe’s new leader? Priceless.

-Brad’s rogue learns of a potential opportunity working with the Thieves Guild in the capitol city of Arcadia
+Docks District
+speak with Renaldo at the tavern of the Witch’s Teet
+tell him Khazeem sent you

Loot from the Chieftain’s chests:

-Longsword +1
Creator: Water Elementals
Minor Property: Gleaming
History: Ornament
Quirk: Metamorphic
-“The appearance of crashing waves surge through the blades strange blueish steel as you move the sword in your hand. Creatures of the sea both great and small adorn the hilt and pommel.”

-ShortSword +1
Creator: Celestial
Minor Property: Gleaming, Illusion
History: Heroic
Quirk: Possessive
-“No dirt, blood, or touch of evil mars this weapon. It shifts its color to match your preference as you grasp it in your hands.”

-Magic Shield +1
Creator: Human
Minor Property: Temperate
History: Religious
Quirk: Hungry
“This stout heater style shield seems normal enough, until battle sheds blood upon its surface. It’s magic activates as the blood appears to absorb into the shield.”

-Cloak of Elvenkind
+Wisdom (Perception) checks made against you have Disadvantage
+Dexterity (Stealth) checked made by you have Advantage

-2 Potions of Giant’s Strength (Hill Giant, STR 21)
-1 Potion of Speed
-1 Potion of Water Breathing

-1 Ring of Jumping
-1 Ring of Warmth
-1 Ring of Resistance (Poison)

-300 Gold coin

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