Taman Stormwind

Emerald Knight of Helm the Protector


Name: Taman Stormwind
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Background: Illuskan
Class: Paladin
Deity: Helm, God of Protection
Age: 25
Birthplace: Immilmar, capital of Rasheman


Taman is the bastard son of Geth Stormwind, one of the commanders of the Order of the Frozen Flame, and the youngest child of three. He has two older half brothers Malcer and Lander. His family lives in the city of Immilmar, the capital city of Rashemen where the Order of the Frozen Flame resides and protects against the threats that plague the lands there. While his half-brothers have typical characteristics of the northwestern Illuskan: blond hair and blue eyes, Taman inherited the traits of his common Illuskan mother, with raven black hair, fair skin, and steely gray eyes. Even though the Order did not approve of Geth’s persistance to allow Taman to join, the patriarch finally consented, and Taman took the Oath of Devotion on his eighteenth Name Day, which binds a Paladin to the loftiest ideals of justice, virtue, and order, clad in emerald green. These knights are praised as the Emerald Knights of Helm the Protector.

Taman’s father, lord of House Stormwind and one of the Lord Commanders of the Order of the Frozen Flame, is a wise and powerful man in his years. In his youth, he once wore the green garb of the Emerald Knights, but the growing pestilence of the Darkwraiths cut the lives of his brothers and wife short. From that day forward he swore to take vengeance upon his enemies and surrendered the green and took up the red of the vengeful Ruby Knights. They were sometimes referred to as Blood Knights, and were rightfully feared as mercy and understanding were not well known to them.

Taman’s older half brothers also raised swords as Paladins. Their mother was the late Lady Cefrey of House Hornraven, a house famous for its scouts and rangers hired by the Order. Malcer was raised strong and arrogant. he took the sword at fourteen and killed a bandit who attempted to rape his mother, just days before the Darkwraiths took her. On his eighteenth Name Day, he took the Oath of Vengeance and followed his father’s footsteps. When Geth and Malcer were sent to war to push back the Darkwraiths two years later, Lander was still a boy of twelve. He was sent to live with his uncle Stor Hornraven, his mother’s only brother. Stor was a ranger who was wed to a Wood Elf Druid. Lander became very acquainted with nature and life, thus when he became a man on his eighteenth Name Day, took the Oath of the Ancients and wore the deep purple of the Iris Knights.

The Order of the Frozen Flame is made of great knights called Paladins who have vowed to protect the northern lands from the threat of the Darkwraiths, powerful beings neither living or dead, who prowl the icy tundras feeding on the humanity of men. It is believed that the creatures hail from the Endless Wastes to the east, but none dare to venture there. The Order follows the guidance of Helm, god of protection. Aside from their vibrant colored garb and polished gold armor, Paladins of this order wear a pale blue gauntlet on their right arm with the Vigilant Eye of Helm atop the hand.

A few short years after Taman took his Oath, the city’s denizens began acting very strangely. The days slowly became shorter and the nights longer. There have been reports of bizarre creatures being seen within the city’s fortified walls at night. The Order was starting to believe the city was no longer safe from the Darkwraiths. Lander and Malcer were sent away to different cities to assist in fighting the increasing numbers of monsters appearing, while Taman remained to investigate the reports in Immilmar.

During his investigations, he soon discovered one of the commanders had fallen ill after his return from the tundras, but it wasn’t an illness. He had been cursed by a Darkwraith, his humanity tainted by their evil power. The Order kept it quiet for some time as mages attempted to cure the knight, until the knight transformed into a monster and began to spread a miasma of darkness throughout the city. Before long, the denizens of the city became abominations and the Order was forced to destroy them.

With the help of his father, Taman and Geth fought the creatures and triumphed, but there were many casualties. The battle was over, but the threat from the Darkwraiths was still plaguing the lands. Geth thought it would be best for Taman to leave the city and head west to the Sword Coast, away from the tundras, and make a better life for himself in one of the cities there.

He arrived in Neverwinter, one of the most famous cities along the coast. Although he tried to make a living there, a former knight of the Frozen Flame was not very welcome. People feared the Darkwraiths, even this far from the Endless Wastes. They figured the creatures would follow him there, and he was urged to leave. He had to take a ship farther west to the continent of Esrahlia, home to the mighty Arcadian Empire. It was here he would hope to find glory and fortune, and join an order of Paladins worthy of his talents.

Taman Stormwind

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