Spaf Wallbridge


Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Age: 19


Backstory: Is Spaf her real name? That’s for only the most trusted in her life to know. Being orphaned at a young age, she escaped slavery through the kindness of the Priests of Reach, worshippers of Sune. Raised as a warrior priest amongst the order she learned to fight for the glory of love and beauty, which is found not only in a glorious painting but also the gore of her enemies. When the Underdark Clan, worshippers of the vile Tempus, came to bring death to the order she was trusted with the Sacred Scroll of Divine Love, the only remaining complete Dogma of Sune to her order. To protect the scroll and religion she’s sworn herself to, she abandoned the teachings of outward beauty by coating her face in dirt, mud, soot and shaving away her blazing red hair. Lost and alone, she stumbled upon the noble elf ranger and his companions, who would change her life forever.

Spaf Wallbridge

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