Petr Hausen

Halfling Rogue


Name: Petr Hausen
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Class: Rogue
Hometown: Bleak


Born in the thieves town Bleak, Petr learned at a young age that stealing was easier than working. Working his was through the ranks he came to own his own ship by the age of 20 and used it for smuggling. Taking on a contract from outside the guild he ended up dumping the goods he was supposed to deliver, losing his ship in the process. Now on the run from the man he was supposed to deliver to he quickly learned that disguises would only work so much. He now had to kill to keep himself alive. After years of distancing himself from Bleak he can never go back unless he comes up with the payment he owes.

Petr Hausen

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