Marius the Black

Mentor, Emperor's Champion


Marius the Black is a great man of unquestionable loyalty, wisdom, and a deadly swordsman.

His hair is raven-black with dark green eyes, and a grim face that seldom smiles. He stands at 6 feet tall, long of limb and wiry build of muscle. Many heavier and bigger men underestimate him, but Marius is strong, fast, and claimed to be the greatest swordsman in the Empire. Despite his fearsome looks and reputation he is a good man, and wiser than a sage.

He served and fought for Arkantis’s father for many years, and when the throne was usurped by Malric and his supporters, it was Marius who convinced Arkantis to fight for his right to rule.

Marius was there since Arkantis was a boy, and has come to love him like a son. He knows Arkantis may not always be confident or strong, but his learning and good heart make him the best man to wear the crown in several centuries. He gives good counsel and loyally serves him as the Emperor’s Champion.


Marius the Black

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