Cerric Wildwood

Bad Ass Ranger, Outdoors man, Rugged


Name: Cerric Wildwood
Race: Eladrin (High Elf)
Gender: Male
Age: 133 Years Old
Class: Ranger
Homeland: Greyhawk (outside)


What was your childhood like?
For the first 112 years of Cerric’s life, he spent as any young Elf. Cerric Learned the way of his people, the natural connection to the wild, and was ingrained the skills necessary to live off the land. He was born into a family of middle class among elves, only having one younger brother. Cerric’s father’s ability in the wild lead to his ultimate demise, as he protected the lands around their home from Orcs and others who often sought to travel into elf lands, he succumb to wounds he received before Cerric’s 112th name day. Cerric, forced to claim the position of protector of the wood, was hurt when his mother was found dead three years later only a simple letter saying that his family was not good enough to protect the land. Cerric found the cause to be poison, those who would besmirch the wildwood name found that would not be enough to stop the wildwood line.

What lead you to be an adventurer?
Cerric left his land to his brother and sought the life of heralding his family name vowing to make it known as beacon of good.

How do you interact with your people, or native culture, and others outside of it?
As a High Elf Cerric is cordial to people of all races, but looks down on those who gained their wealth through blood rather then work. Cerric feels that the coddling the “noble” receive make them unsuitable for the life of adventure or protecting those who cannot help them selves and will often voice his opinion to that effect. Cerric is no fool though, he does know when silence is advantageous. Cerric will work and help those in need as he feels it is every ones responsibility to contribute to the well being and happiness of the whole world. Cerric will never forget anything that may bring low his family name and any person that wronged him.

Are you a member of any guilds, orders, religions, or other groups?
High Elf order of the Bow, Elf-Scouts,

Cerric Wildwood

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