Emperor Arkantis Galloren


“Arkantis Galloren, the second of his name, son of Decimus Galloren, heir to the high throne of kings, Emperor and protector of the realm.”

-the traditional announcement given on the kings arrival to court, by the The Emperor’s Herald.

Arkantis Galloren is the current Emperor of the Arcadian Empire. He is a young man of only 20 winters old, yet his knowledge of lore and learning rivals the oldest sages and scholars.

He is of medium height and gracile build, with grey eyes and brown hair. His skin is somewhat pale due to his bookish nature, many hours spent at court or the Imperial library.

He is kind and generous to many, he cares for all his people from the lowest peasant to the highest noble. He lacks confidence at times and may shy from others, but when duty demands action he steps forth with a reckless courage, often endangering himself.


The previous emperor, Marcus Prospero, was not a strong king. He spent much of his time enjoying the luxuries and grandoise debauchery available to a man of his power and wealth. Meanwhile the nobles and Imperial Governors vied for power at court and corruption grew. The outer provinces were raided by orcs and barbarians, while the inner provinces were rife with banditry. When Marcus suddenly died from illness, he left no direct heir to claim the throne.

In such cases, the throne would go to the closest male relative. Marcus had a sister, whom had also past away, but had children of her own.

The sister, Lacia, had married the nobleman Decimus Galloren, and given birth to a son, whom they named Arkantis Galloren. As the emperor’s nephew, and closest male relative, the crown would rightfully pass to him.

However many nobles at court did not want Arkantis to inherit the throne. They feared he would put an end to the power they had seized during the previous Emperor’s reign. Seizing the initiative, they (wrongfully) declared that the crown cannot be given to a descendant through the female line, and backed the next closest’s heir, Malric Antonius, a 2nd cousin. Malric was a strong and cruel lord, who would gladly let the current state of the Empire continue.

Arkantis, who at the time was only 17 and untried in the ways of war, did not press the matter. He had never planned to be Emperor and was content to care for his parent’s fief and his subjects. Yet his tutor and god father, Marius the Black, told him that he was a better man than he thought himself, and the Empire’s people needed him.

Convinced, Arkantis rallied his vassals and those loyal to him to defend his claim. A short but brutal civil war ensued, Malric’s supporters already held the capitol city and proclaimed him king. But his reign was short-lived, as Arkantis won battle after battle, and gained the love of the people for his generosity and justice.

The capitol city (Arcadia) was besieged for many weeks. Then citizens loyal to Arkantis overran Marlic’s forces at one of the city gates and opened them to the besiegers. Arkantis wasted no time, and his men stormed through and liberated the city.

Arkantis sought to capture his rival and bring him to justice, but Malric himself was lost during the battle, trapped inside part of the imperial palace while he and his men fought to the last. The building caught fire and collapsed killing men of both sides within. Malric’s supporters that still remained, received the new Emperor’s justice. Those most cruel and traitorous were beheaded, but many kept their lives and titles, giving up part of their lands and wealth to the people who suffered in the war.

Now, 3 years later, Arkantis has brought stability and prosperity to the people of the Empire. A kind and learned man, he is loved by many, but not all…

Emperor Arkantis Galloren

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