D&D 5th Edition

Feb 21, 2015 "Orcish Caves"


-having a Halfling Rogue shoot arrows between your legs at whatever enemies lurk behind the door you just opened, brings new meaning to the terms, “Nut-shot” and “Spread your legs…”

-Josiah slaying an Orc Chieftain in single combat, and becoming the tribe’s new leader? Priceless.

-Brad’s rogue learns of a potential opportunity working with the Thieves Guild in the capitol city of Arcadia
+Docks District
+speak with Renaldo at the tavern of the Witch’s Teet
+tell him Khazeem sent you

Loot from the Chieftain’s chests:

-Longsword +1
Creator: Water Elementals
Minor Property: Gleaming
History: Ornament
Quirk: Metamorphic
-“The appearance of crashing waves surge through the blades strange blueish steel as you move the sword in your hand. Creatures of the sea both great and small adorn the hilt and pommel.”

-ShortSword +1
Creator: Celestial
Minor Property: Gleaming, Illusion
History: Heroic
Quirk: Possessive
-“No dirt, blood, or touch of evil mars this weapon. It shifts its color to match your preference as you grasp it in your hands.”

-Magic Shield +1
Creator: Human
Minor Property: Temperate
History: Religious
Quirk: Hungry
“This stout heater style shield seems normal enough, until battle sheds blood upon its surface. It’s magic activates as the blood appears to absorb into the shield.”

-Cloak of Elvenkind
+Wisdom (Perception) checks made against you have Disadvantage
+Dexterity (Stealth) checked made by you have Advantage

-2 Potions of Giant’s Strength (Hill Giant, STR 21)
-1 Potion of Speed
-1 Potion of Water Breathing

-1 Ring of Jumping
-1 Ring of Warmth
-1 Ring of Resistance (Poison)

-300 Gold coin


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