D&D 5th Edition

23 January 2016 After Action Report

Long time since we last gamed.

Warren’s brother, Jay, joined the party. Attended via Skype. Warren setup the webcam so that Jay could see the game board via hanging it from the ceiling via coat hanger. Very inventive.

Attending Players
-Rob (Returning)
-Jay (New)

Adventure Summary:

-Ser Roland and his knights were freed from the prison cells of the Air cult. They are now riding to Red Larch to resupply and recuperate.

-the party found Jay’s character (Domir) within the prison cells. He quickly joined the party and proved his worth in the following combat.

-The party met the dwarven scholar, Hendrik, who also was found in the cells. He explained that he was a member of the diplomatic party from Yartor and was captured by the cultists. They wanted to use his extensive knowledge of dwarven history and research to aid their search for an unknown goal. Hendrik is traveling with Ser Roland to Red Larch, and may be of further use to the party.

-Hendrik believes their goal may be something to do with the Drow temples below the ancient dwarven ruins of Belsimer. They mentioned something about the “Elemental Eye of Evil”.

-Hendrik also mentioned that there are 4 cults in total, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. Each is dangerous and searching the ruins of the area, led by a prophet wielding ancient elemental weapons.

-the party successfully traversed the secret passage to the caverns below Aerisi’s court. They followed her trail through the caverns to the Elemental Node of Air. Her plans were thwarted and Aerisi was defeated once and for all, the Elemental Node also was destroyed, along with the Elemental Weapon, WindHarrow.

Loot and Total XP:

+3000 XP (added 23 JAN 2016) majority of party leveled to 5 now
+4 golden rings, each worth 1,000 GP
+40 magic arrows, +1
+2 lavender mushrooms, each capable of being used to create a healing potion
+6 red mushrooms, each capable of being brewed into poisons


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