Welcome to Carl’s D&D 5th edition campaign.

Hello everybody, I would like to welcome you to the Obsidian Portal for our 5th edition D&D campaign!

Here I will post articles, adventure logs, maps, and other cool stuff for our campaign. We will still be meeting up in the real world around the table for our games, this is just a handy tool for giving you guys more cool content and allowing me to track and organize things as I need.

At the moment the webpage is still a work in progress but I will keep adding more content and I recommend checking the site before our scheduled games for new content.

This webpage also helps us all communicate and share ideas. So for our next game, please feel free to post your characters history/story in the “Characters” tab on the left.

Anyone who posts their character story before our next game will get an
extra 350 XP! Just remember, its not a homework assignment. Its an extra encouragement to share your characters backstory.

The post doesn’t have to be long or detailed, (unless you want it to, feel free to weave your epic story!)

If your at a loss of how to start, I have a short template you can copy below that covers the basics.

A sentence or two for the more detailed questions is great, you can write as much or as little detail as you want.

If there’s anything you want to keep secret that only you and me (the dungeon master) should know, write it in the Secret section below your character entry.

What was your childhood like?

What lead you to be an adventurer?

How do you interact with your people, or native culture, and others outside of it?

Are you a member of any guilds, orders, religions, or other groups?

D&D 5th Edition

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